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Enology Club

Complimentary Tasting Event Incentive Program

How would you like earn a complimentary admission to a future Enology Club tasting event?

It?s really simple! All you have to do is recruit a new winery to host an event with the Enology Club in 3 easy steps.

Step 1- Go Wine Tasting and Promote the Enology Club:
When you are wine tasting at your favorite wineries, talk to the winemaker and/or managers and let them know you are a member of a terrific Enology Club based out of Northrup Grumman. Ask them if they would be interested in presenting their wines to a group of wine enthusiasts.

Step 2- Provide the Tasting Event Details Document to the Winery:
Send the Enology Club?s Tasting Event Details document to the winery (or provide the link). The Event Details can be found at: www.SPEnology.org/TastingEventDetails

Step 3- Confirmation and Future Event Scheduling:
Receive confirmation from the winery they are interested in hosting an Enology Club event. Once you have the confirmation, contact the Club?s Programs Director, Dennis Heck, with the winery confirmation and contact info. Dennis will work with the winery to secure a mutually convenient event date.

Programs Director:
Dennis Heck, (310) 621-2857

That?s all you have to do! When your winery hosts a SPEC event, you?ll receive complimentary admission to a future tasting! AND, if YOU host your winery?s tasting event, you will receive complimentary admission that evening PLUS the future tasting events complimentary pass as well.

The Not So Fine Print: For additional information and event calendar visit our website at: http://www.SPEnology.org/

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